What is My Personal list and how to use it?

My personal list it is a widget that helps you to add girls with whom you have a constant communication. If you want to add some girl in your personal list, you must drag the avatar of the girl with the help of left mouse button and afterwards widget will automatically open. Then drag girl's avatar in the section of picture number in the widget's area. There is a blinking icon on the girl's avatar in the widget section. The icon may be green or yellow. * Green icon shows that the g...

Why lady's profile is deleted from the website and i can not find it?

If you cannot find lady's profile in a search it means that her profile was deleted by The reason off deleting can be different: violating the rules, agency's request, lady's own want to leave the website due personal reasons.

Why lady was removed from my Favorites list and Blacklist?

Favorites list can be cleared due several reasons, and the most common are: 1. If you have added lady's profile to a blacklist then she will not be able to write you new letters only after 24 hours after adding to a blacklist. Old and received recently letters will not be deleted;. 2. Lady cannot be in My favorites and My Blacklist simultaneously;. 3. If lady from you Favorites list was deleted from a website, then she will also will be deleted from My Favorites list;. 4. If lady from your F...

Why lady was deleted from the website?

There are no models on our website, only real ladies, who visit site by their own want and have all rights to do not use the profile, stop membership or cancel the profile. We do not force ladies to register and communicate on the website and also do not want to keep ladies who are not interested in relationships search or lost it for some time. If lady decided to delete her profile she informs about this her agency (our partners). Based on this request website's administration delete profile. ...

How can i add lady to a blacklist?

You can block lady from your cabinet. All you need to do is: 1) Go to your inbox messages folder 2) Find the message of lady you want to add to the blacklist (attachment). 3) Click the 'Add in blacklist' button. NOTICE: Lady will not be able to write you after 4 days from the moment you added to a blacklist.

What is credits and how to use them?

Credit is an inner value of payments on the website, with which client pay for services. Credits can be purchased by packs with online transactions, received as bonus for activity on the website, received for completing tasks or granted by administration. More details about this feature you can find here. Also we recommend you to read this price list

How can i add my lady to a my personal list?

You can add a lady to your personal list by doing several simple steps (look at screenshots for more details): * Open women gallery * Choose a lady and "drag" her into my personal list. * Check your lady in my personal list You can also watch this video for more details: Or also you could read this article: