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How to add a picture while i`m in chat with lady?

To add a photo in chat first of all you need to add it in your private gallery. If you do not know where to find it - open this link https://www.bridge-of-love.com/index.php?app=my_privat_gallery After adding a picture\photo in your private gallery, you will be able to attach photos from your gallery in chat. All you need to do is next: 1) Click on attachment button; 2) After opening an attachment click on tab with photo icon; 3) There will be a list of every picture\photo...

How to filter yourself from blocking on the website

Dear clients, the updating of the service for the last years started to be a colossal level. Modern internet websites are providing very big amount of services of any kind for their clients. The more website is extending the more it become vulnerable to hacker attacks and concurrent bots. (https://www.bridge-of-love.com/data/files/images/site/article/201712281221388992.png) Our website is no exception. We are constantly subjected to a very massive attacks. At present, we are working very hard...

How to setup my account properly?

First of all, you need to register a profile on our website. Now registration on the site is very simple. To subscribe to Bridge-of-love.com is very simple too. You need to fill in some required fields in the form Sign up FREE, to join us. If you are already a member of our website, you can use the form and enter the registration information: Your E-mail (2), and your password (3) Also you might need to get an important messages from us to your Email, there fore you will need to...

How to add a photo to my private gallery

Dear clients, From now on your private gallery will have a separate section in the profile. Access to it will be thru the menu. Home = https://www.bridge-of-love.com/index.php?app=my_privat_gallery (https://www.bridge-of-love.com/index.php?app=my_privat_gallery) Here you can upload or delete photos from your album. Notice, for adding private photo to your letter please now use new visual editor.

Payments on the website

Purchasing credits on the Bridge of Love is a very secured and well-worked cooperation of website and payment systems, such as PASTA Bank and Multicards. But our website also can accept Bitcoin and other crypto currency. USUALLY IN A CASE OF A PURCHASE, CREDITS WILL BE COUNTED ON YOUR ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY. If you haven't received your credits in 1 minute after a purchase then you should do next: 1) Go to order history and check order status; 2) If order status - finished, then you sh...

How can i change a language on the website?

To change a language please open the flag icon in the upper right corner of the page: And then choose a fitting language from the list:

How can i activate a fee trial?

1. Activate your email. When you register on the site you have to specify your email there. You must specify the actual email, because after a successful registration you will receive an email with a link to activate your profile on the site. We point your attention to the importance of specifying the actual email address. This allows you to avoid a lot of problems with feedback circulation in the process of receiving contact information from your girl or profile removal. 2. Fill out your pro...

I get a blank page and message to contact administration, what should i do?

If you receive such message you should contact website's administration about this issue, tell on what page you get such error and do you have any vpn soft, or the soft that could change your proxy.

How can i make a purchase if my card is in another currency?

If the customer has a card in a currency other than the USD and wants to make a purchase (for example, the euro yen, etc.) then he should follow to his bank account website and check the price list. The exchange rate is determined by the card issuer bank as the exchange is carried out on the cardholder's side. Please contact your bank to obtain this information.