Why i have not received any notice after purchasing "E-mail" Magic Box?

Please do not worry, magic box worked correctly. Your E-mail notice was delivered to the lady according to the rules& policy of the website, where is stated that some of the characters will be obscured with stars. If you think that service did not worked then pelase contact technical support with all details about your actions during purchasing this service. At the moment we are working on notice system for clients so they could be certain about this service.

Can i exchange Experience for Credits?

Among the magic boxes we have one that allows such exchange and it is called "Credits". NOTICE: Such exchange is available only for GOLD and DIAMOND group members. Bonus credits are not exchangeable.

What are Magic Boxes?

It is a new features on the website that allows you to purchase new useful functions (Magic boxes) by exchanging Experience. Access to currently active magic boxes is done from upper right bar of your cabinet called 'Extensions'. Conventionally, all the magic boxes that are in your cabinet can be divided into two subcategories * * 1. Magic boxes for ladies Ringlead, Virtual Balls, Bouquet of flowers, Cake, Virtual kiss, Strawberry * 2. Magic boxes for client Hot, Invisible, C...

What is Experience and what is it need for?

Experience is a new feature that allows you to purchase useful functions from a new section of the website, Magic box. Experience points can be get for active communication on the website. For more useful information about service please read this article Https://www.bridge-of-love.com/article-magic_box_and_experience-1200.html (https://www.bridge-of-love.com/article-magic_box_and_experience-1200.html)