What are Magic Boxes?

It is a new features on the website that allows you to purchase new useful functions (Magic boxes) by exchanging Experience.

Access to currently active magic boxes is done from upper right bar of your cabinet called 'Extensions'.


Conventionally, all the magic boxes that are in your cabinet can be divided into two subcategories

    • 1. Magic boxes for ladies Ringlead, Virtual Balls, Bouquet of flowers, Cake, Virtual kiss, Strawberry
    • 2. Magic boxes for client Hot, Invisible, Credits, Hacker, Stop, Spam, Email,

Magic Boxes that are designed for girls work on the principle of stickers that you install on the girl's profile, thereby showing your attitude towards her. There only one sticker can be installed. If you try to put another sticker on the lady’s profile, the previous one will be deleted. Sticker Validity -7 days.


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