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What are the requirements for getting lady's contact information?

There are several requirements you must fulfill before you will be able to successfully order lady's contact information. If atleast one of the requirements is not done you won't be able to purchase lady's information. The requirements are next: * 1. Request for the girl’s contact information can be made only after obtaining her consent. The girl has the right to refuse to issue you her contact information. * 2. You also have to write at least 15 letters to the girl. * 3. You must h...

Why are requirements for contact information are so high?

Our platform provide a large spectre of communication services to our clients. We are care about their updates, making an interesting additions and new stuff for clients. Made a minimal prices for service, relieve customers from spam and advertising. Among services that we provide - is contact info request. When the contact information is requested, we can only guarantee its authenticity. Clients who purchased it agreed with taking full responsobility in developing relationships with lady out o...

What lady's contact information includes?

Minimally you’ll get the lady's mobile phone and her E-mail. If lady wants you may be issued the girl’s residence mailing address as well as her Skype or any other source of communication. For more useful information about this service please read the article:

When I will get lady's contact details response?


You will receive  a notice about contact information delivery on your E-mail and inbox system message on the website after relevance and legitimacy check of lady's contact details. Usually this process can be pending up to 10 working days.

Also please consider the fact that you agree with all rules&policy of the service seriously and understand how it works to avoid any misunderstandings and issues with website or lady.  In other cases please do not use this service.

More useful information about this service you can get by following this link:

How to buy contact information

For getting information about lady  you need to do next:

1) Open your lady's profile
2) Find and click on "call me now" button
3) After that you will see what you need to do for contact information request

Please notice that you must meet all requirements during the order process, or it will be rejected.


For more useful information about this service please read this article