Why are requirements for contact information are so high?

Our platform provide a large spectre of communication services to our clients. We are care about their updates, making an interesting additions and new stuff for clients. Made a minimal prices for service, relieve customers from spam and advertising.

Among services that we provide - is contact info request. When the contact information is requested, we can only guarantee its authenticity. Clients who purchased it agreed with taking full responsobility in developing relationships with lady out of the website. According to experience of working a big amount of clients who use this service did not successed, and there are thousands reasons why.
The main reason is people did not know each other well. 
According to this we developed a certain amount of letters when you can tell that relationships are solid. 
That is why this service have such limits. For minimize all risks. 
Unfortunately we could not lower them and advicing you to follow this method fully.