How can i activate a fee trial?

1. Activate your email.

When you register on the site you have to specify your email there. You must specify the actual email, because after a successful registration you will receive an email with a link to activate your profile on the site.

We point your attention to the importance of specifying the actual email address. This allows you to avoid a lot of problems with feedback circulation in the process of receiving contact information from your girl or profile removal.

2. Fill out your profile on our site.

The girls from our website are showing a great interest in men's profiles which have photos and have filled the main fields. We ask you to specify only your real data. Our site hopes you will be honest when you will specify the data in your profile. However, we reserve our right to require you to send us an additional information in some cases. Of course, we have the loyalty program for the clients who have indicated their real data and are active on the site. We have a system of tasks performing which you can get free credits. Read more here.

3. Steps for activation.

  • 1. Enter the website in the cabinet by writing login and password.
  • 2. Click on the "click to activate your account" button on your cabinet page.
  • 3. Click on the Enter your mailbox and follow the link provided in the letter.
  • 4. Check your spam folder, request a letter again if you did not received it.

Notice . Free trial mode is active on the website only for 3 days since the moment of registration including the day if registration itself. Trial mode ends due expiration date or after client's first purchase.