How to filter yourself from blocking on the website

Dear clients, the updating of the service for the last years started to be a colossal level. Modern internet websites are providing very big amount of services of any kind for their clients. The more website is extending the more it become vulnerable to hacker attacks and concurrent bots.


Our website is no exception. We are constantly subjected to a very massive attacks. At present, we are working very hard to provide customers with modern methods of safe staying on the site. Reliable protection always has a side which unfortunately affects some of our customers.

If in result of using a website you have faced with errors or blocks, please meet and do next recommendations.


1) Make at least one purchase on our website per year.

If you have not made any purchases on our site during the last 3 years, our security system will not have data on the availability of your personal payment card in your account. Such accounts are often used by hackers and can happen so that the system will consider you for a bot or hacker. In this case, you will be denied access to the site.

2) Update your browsers and antivirus systems in a time regularly.

According to our statistics, most of the problems with accessing the site arise because the user's computer blocks access to information from our site. Very often the cause of this is viral and spyware. Most of which are even unknown to a user. The user is sure that his browser and computer are clean, but actually they have a virus.

3) Actively use our mobile applications


Despite the fact that mobile applications have some limitations compared to the web versions, you can avoid many problems by using it. The mobile application is easy to maintain in the current state, it is not so demanding on the Internet resources. If the problem seems not to be solved, the application is easy to uninstall and reinstall.

Please take a notice. In moment when website is suffering big overloads or DDos-attacks we can limit the maximum opening of windows on the website. If during the using the website you are facing errors, please sloe the tabs or windows that you are not using. Such limit measures are temporary as usual and going not more than 48 hours.